In 2022, the Nile Basin Initiative turned to the global market to identify and select a hydrographic data management solution that could be implemented across their ten member countries, requesting leading suppliers from across the globe to compete in their tender process.

The Nile Basin Initiative selected DataSight because of its design, overall simplicity, and extensive features, while providing all the necessary tools for judicious data management and reporting capabilities.

A key component of the project was to ensure that each member country was able to maintain management and control of their own data sets. This increased the level of complexity in provisioning as there was a requirement for a hybrid system of both on premise and cloud solutions.

DataSight was rolled out to the Nile Basin within days of winning the project, with additional work occurring in member countries who preferred and selected the on-premise implementation. Utilizing DataSight’s extensive automation capabilities, data collected and transmitted via satellite telemetry using EuMETSAT is flowing into many of the member countries DataSight databases.

We are excited about supporting such a worthwhile project and playing a small part in assisting the member countries manage the Nile Basin.


  • Effortless provisioning of both on-premise and DataSight Cloud solution.
  • Powerful filters allowing the user to drill down into data sets across regions, sites, and analytes.
  • Capacity to ingest all manner of data ranging from time series hydrographic data (EuMETSAT) & discrete samples through to basic biological data from disparate datasets including EuMETSAT.
  • Substantial automation capabilities for data ingestion, reporting, alarming and calculations.


In the initial stages of the project, Evolution’s team was unsure how to manage the increase in data, the need to manage and control the data, and provide management with high level access. DataSight has proven to be the right tool capable of supporting Evolution’s various and complex needs, with current support operations primarily consisting of requests to quickly add additional sites and parameters, highlighting DataSight’s flexibility and capabilities.

One River, One People, One Vision

The Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) is an intergovernmental partnership of 10 Nile Basin countries, namely Burundi, DR Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, The Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. Eritrea participates as an observer. For the first time in the Basin`s history, an all-inclusive basin-wide institution was established on 22nd February, 1999

Shared Vision Objective: “To achieve sustainable socio-economic development through the equitable utilization of, and benefit from, the common Nile Basin water resources”

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